11 Using the QuickSubmit Plugin

Last updated: September 16, 2022 for OJS

is a tool for uploading that bypasses all stages of the workflow. Use it to upload content that does not required review (such as editorials) or if you conduct your review and editorial workflow outside of OJS.

Finding the QuickSubmit plugin

Once logged in, click Tools in the left-hand sidebar. This brings you to the Import/Expert tab of the Tools page. You should see QuickSubmit Plugin in the list of tools – if you do not, contact Tomasz to have the plugin upgraded.

Uploading submissions with the QuickSubmit plugin

Use the form once for each submission. Following these steps will schedule the submissions for publication in a future issue. The content will not be published until you publish the issue (See Publishing an Issue)

  1. Choose Submission Language, if applicable
  2. Choose appropriate Section
  3. Full title goes in Title
  4. Add the Abstract, if applicable
  5. For each contributor, Click Add Contributor (button to the right of “List of Contributors”)
    1. In the Add Contributor window, put your own email or another generic email address in the Contact field – this is an administrative field to which automated OJS system email are sent, so don’t put the author’s email here because it won’t show up on the front end.
    2. In the Add Contributor window, select the Contributor’s Role.
    3. Then, click Save.
    4. Repeat the Add Contributor process for all authors.
  6. Upload the article text (the galley) under Galleys. Click Add galley.
    1. In the Create New Galley window, enter the file format under Galley Label (usually “PDF”) and ensure the Language is properly set. Click Save.
    2. Select the Article Component. This will almost always be Article Text. Then either drag the file from your desktop to the window or click Upload File to search for it.
    3. Once the file name appears in the window with a green check, click Continue.
    4. In the next tab, click Continue.
    5. In the next tab, click Continue.
    6. If you have galleys in other formats, repeat steps a-e with appropriate label.
  7. Select Published rather than Unpublished. In the Schedule for publication in drop-down, select the appropriate issue.
    1. NB: the Publish/Unpublished buttons are mislabeled – they should be Scheduled/Unscheduled.
    2. If you assign the submission to an issue that was already published, submission will be published when you click Save. If you assign the submission to a future issue, it will only be published when you publish the issue.
  8. Enter the Date of Publication under Published (likely today’s date)[1].
  9. Click Save. You will be brought to a confirmation screen.

  1. Prior to OJS the date entered in QuickSubmit did not save when the submission was published. This meant that, if you were publishing something with a publication date prior to the present, you would have to edit the submission's metadata after publishing it. Although this appears to be resolved in OJS, if you are publishing older issues with a publication date prior to present you should double-check that the publication dates are correct once you publish the issue.


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