Current Issue

The Current Issue is the issue that appears on the front page of your OJS site. When a new issue is published, it is automatically set as Current Issue. However, you can manually set the Current Issue through the Back Issues page in the back end.


The galley is the final form of the article - editing, copy edited, and laid out - that is posted to the OJS site for reading.


Along with submissions, one of the building blocks of OJS. All submissions (articles, reviews, editorials, etc.) must be assigned to an issue in order to be published.


Open Journal System - the journal publishing software developed by PKP and used by York University Libraries to host journals.


QuickSubmit is a tool for uploading submissions that bypasses all stages of the workflow


Along with issues, submissions are a key element in OJS. "Submission" is a generic term that includes articles, book reviews, and art. In the back end, a submission has a Workflow and a Production tab. Once published, a submission has its own web page with metadata and one or more galleys.


York Digital Journals - the York University Libraries program that provides journal hosting services.


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