20 Setting your Current Issue

Last updated: October 5, 2021 for OSJ

Your Current Issue is that that:

  • displays on the journal’s homepage, and
  • is linked to from the Current item in the main navigation menu.

By default, your Current Issue is the most recently published issue. However, you may wish to designate another issue as the Current Issue. Also, if you unpublish your Current Issue, no issue will be designated as Current and you will have to manually reassign it.

To manually set your current issue:

  1. In the back end, navigate to the Back Issues tab of the Issues page
  2. Click the blue arrow to the left of the issue you wish to make your Current Issue
  3. Click Current Issue under the name of the issue.

    Note: if you don’t see the Current Issue button, that means the issue is already designated as Current Issue.

  4. In the dialogue window, click OK.


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