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3 Adding custom blocks (right sidebar)

Last updated: November 22, 2021 for OJS

You can create custom blocks to appear in the right sidebar by following these steps:

  1. In the back end, go to WebsitePlugins.
  2. On the Installed Plugins screen, you should see plugin called Custom Block Manager in the Generic Plugins section.
    1. If you do not see the Custom Block Manager in that list, contact Tomasz to have it installed before proceeding.
  3. Activate the Custom Block Manager by clicking the checkbox beside the plugin description.
  4. Once activated, click the blue triangle next to the plugin name to see the plugin options.
  5. Click Manage Custom Blocks.
  6. In the Custom Block Manager window, click Add Block.
  7. Add the Block Name, Content, and check Show Name if desire.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Go to Website > Appearance > Setup.
  10. Activate your custom block by checking the box next to the block name in the Sidebar section.
  11. Drag the blocks into your preferred order.
  12. Click Save.


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