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4 Managing plugins

Last updated: October 7, 2021 for OJS

Plugins provide extra functions in OJS. Some plugins are developed by the PKP community and are available through the OJS administrative interface; others are developed by third parties and must be uploaded manually.

Managing plugins

You can access your journal’s plugins through the Plugins tab on the Website Settings page. There, you will find two facets: Installed Plugins and Plugin Gallery.

Installed Plugins lists the plugins that are installed on your system but not necessarily activated. To activate them, you must click the checkbox to the left of the plugin’s name.

Most of the built-in plugins for OJS are updated when the core OJS software package is updated.

Installing and updating plugins

The Plugin Gallery lists optional plugins that you can install on your system and will also display whether updates are available. Only the OJS administrator can install and update plugins – you will not be able to do this for your own journal, even if you have the Journal Manager user role. If you wish to install or upgrade a plugin, please contact your Digital Publishing Librarian.

YDJ has not yet been able to automate the plugin update process for our journals, although we are currently working on this. Therefore, you may sometimes discover that certain plugins (such as QuickSubmit) are not available due to an update being required. If this happens, please contact your Digital Publishing Librarian.

Third-party plugins

If you discover third-party plugins you wish to use, contact your Digital Publishing Librarian to discuss installing them. If YDJ has no immediately concerns about security or computing resources, we should be able to install them for you.

YDJ cannot support the use or maintenance of third-party plugins. In other words: if the plugin doesn’t work with the current version of OJS, or if the plugin doesn’t work as expected, or if you can’t figure out to use the plugin, we will be unable to support you. Additionally, if YDJ discovers that there is a major security concern with the plugin, we may have to unilaterally uninstall it.


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