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23 Uploading and publishing reference lists

Last updated: November 19, 2021 for OJS

YDJ registers DOIs through York University Libraries’ CrossRef membership. Our membership specifies that we are obligated to publish reference lists for submissions which receive DOIs. This chapter explains how to publish reference lists with your submissions in order to comply with this requirement.

If your journal provides DOIs but does not publish reference lists for new submissions, YDJ may need to cease provision of DOIs for your journal.

Reference list setup

To publish reference lists, you must first make a policy decision and then make a corresponding change to the configuration of OJS.

The policy decision is a choice between three alternatives:

  1. Are editors solely responsible for uploading reference lists?
  2. Are authors requested to upload reference lists with their initial submission? In this case, editors are responsible for uploading reference lists if the author does not.
  3. Are authors required to upload reference lists with their initial submission?

If you chose the options 2 or 3, you may wish to update your Submission Checklist and Author Guidelines.

Once you have made your policy decision, you must implement this in OJS:

  1. Go to Workflow Settings > Submission > Metadata
  2. Under References, check the box for Enable references metadata
  3. Select the radio button corresponding to your policy choice
  4. Click Save.

If you chose policy options 2 or 3, the references metadata field will now appear in the regular submission and QuickSubmit interfaces. In all cases, the reference metadata field will now appear in the Metadata facet of the submissions Production tab.

Reference list format

The reference lists are style-agnostic. This means the reference lists can be uploaded in any citation agnostic.

Each reference in the list should start on a new line.

Recommended: we recommend that you or your authors remove all DOIs from the reference lists prior to publication. The CrossRef Reference Linking Plugin, which the Digital Publishing Librarian will configure when setting you up for DOIs, will automatically search for and include DOI links for any reference in the list with a DOI. If there are already DOIs in the reference list, those references may display 2 DOI links.

Publishing the reference lists

The reference lists are published with the submission metadata as soon as the submission is published. The editors only need to get involved if the authors do not provide the reference lists themselves.


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