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24 Adding and registering DOIs manually

Last updated: July 4, 2022 for OJS

If your journal receives DOIs, the DOIs should be automatically added and registered once a new issue is published. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen automatically for reasons we have been unable to determine. If the DOIs don’t appear automatically, you can manually add them. After adding the DOIs, you will also have to register them.

To add and register missing DOIs manually:

    1. In the back end of OJS, click Tools near the bottom of the left sidebar
    2. In the list of tools, click CrossRef XML Export Plugin
    3. In the Settings tab of the CrossRef XML Export Plugin, click DOI Plugin Settings
    4. In the DOI Plugin Settings window, click Assign DOIs. The page will appear to be loading for several moments once you do this
    5. Click Save. You will now return to the CrossRef XML Export Plugin page
    6. On the plugin page, click the Articles tab. If your journal has a large number of articles, it may take some time to load
    7. In the Articles tab, click Search. This will show several new drop-down menus above the list of articles
    8. Select that drop-down menu that says Any Status and change it to Not Deposited
    9. Click Search. You should now see a list only of published submissions that have DOIs assigned but are not registered
    10. Check the boxes for each submission you wish to register in the Select column
    11. Click Deposit

If you received any error messages that you cannot understand and address, please contact the Digital Publishing Librarian for assistance.


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