Desired Learning Outcomes

Following the completion of these workshops, participants will have familiarity with the necessary skills and resources to develop their own Scalar or Knight Lab platforms. Upon completion of the Knight Labs workshop, participants will have access to their own Knight Lab account (through Google); participants will learn of the uses of these open-source, storytelling tools; and will have the opportunity to create their own TimelineJS or StoryMapJS, under the guidance of York University Graduate Assistants Sarah York-Betram and Zhi Ming Sim and with the support of digital librarians.

Upon completion of the Scalar workshop, the participant will have access to their own Scalar account; participants will have access to a series of reflective questions that will enable them to use Scalar through a community-facing approach; and understand innovative uses of Scalar, thus being able to create their own innovative digital scholarship.

Finally, participants continue to have access to the Pressbooks Guidebook that accompanies the workshop, which will feature a series of Questions and Answers based on participants’ own concerns throughout the event.


CSiW 2021 workshops Copyright © 2021 by Sarah York-Bertram, Zhi Ming Sim, and Andrea Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

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