Creating Story Maps and Timelines with free Knight Lab tools

Knight Lab’s Suite of Tools

Sarah York-Bertram

Knight Lab’s Suite of Tools

In this workshop, we discuss our experience using two of Knight Lab’s most popular tools: TimelineJS and StoryMapsJS. These platforms are compatible as third-party applications for the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture’s open-source digital publishing platform Scalar. We drew from Knight Lab’s innovative suite of tools in the development of the Ododo Wa Community Dialogues.

The tools facilitate:

  • Narrativizing existing digital materials;

  • Visualizing data through interactive digital methods;

  • Tools and structure to generate and curate digital material;

  • Reduced barriers between knowledge producers and community;

  • Enhancing presentations;

We recommend reviewing Knight Lab’s suite of free tools. For example, the JuxtaposeJS platform allows frame comparisons that can show change over time. SceneVR supports VR (virtual reality) storytelling. And StorylineJS can help you tell the story behind the numbers.

In this workshop we discuss our use of TiemlineJS and StoryMapsJS.


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