Special Thanks

The Knight Lab TimelineJS and StoryMapJS workshop and the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture’s Scalar Platform workshop received support and advice from a range of experts and partners at York University and beyond.

We would like to thank York University (YU) Professor and Conjugal Slavery in War project director Dr. Annie Bunting and YU PhD candidate Bruno Véras for encouraging us to follow through with the idea for a workshop and advising us on crafting our event proposal and budget. Thank you to CSiW project coordinator Véronique Bourget for her advice and direction. Special thanks to CSiW undergraduate and graduate researchers for their feedback and support in developing these workshops.

Thank you to YU Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Research, Ravi de Costa, and Graduate Manager Lindsay Gonder. Thank you to Michael Johnny of YU’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit. Extra special thanks to YU’s digital librarians Kris Joseph and Anna St. Onge of the Digital Scholarship Centre.

Thank you to Grace Acan and Evelyn Amony for their support in developing these workshops. And thank you to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


CSiW 2021 workshops Copyright © 2021 by Sarah York-Bertram, Zhi Ming Sim, and Andrea Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

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