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This package provides information on the semester abroad at York University’s Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica. It is a personal account written by Christina Nardini, a BES student who attended two courses at the Eco campus in summer 2018.

This package was put together by me in hopes of making the preparation and participation in the semester abroad as easy and as fun as possible.

Majority of the information — such as the packing list — is based on my own experience, you are not required to bring everything I brought or suggest. Things in your year of participation in the semester abroad may also change depending on the professor or course you’re taking.

I took two courses during my Semester Abroad, ENVS 4120: Natural History with Professor Leesa Fawcett, and ENVS 4446: Protected Area Management with Professor Sheila Colla. Both were 10 days long, with one day in between them.

I also have written a blog post for the Faculty of Environmental Studies blog on my experience during the semester abroad, this is available here:

My Costa Rican EcoCampus Experience


Semester Abroad Student Manual Copyright © by Christina Nardini. All Rights Reserved.

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