A homestay is a local family that you live with while you’re participating in the Semester broad. You will not be living with them alone; you’ll have at least one other student living with you per homestay. You live with them, have meals with them, get to know them, and they truly become family to you. I still keep in contact with mine, sending them presents and messaging them all the time. I did two homestays while I was in Costa Rica, one for each course I did. My first homestay was Viviana and Raymond’s home, they have four kids, the youngest is Ilana who was 2, Ivan, Kayla, and the oldest- Kevin- goes to college in San José. My second homestay was Maillett and Sharky’s home, they have a 5-and-a-half-year-old daughter Liah and were pregnant with their second daughter Khloe while I was there. Liah is my little buddy- we played together, I taught her how to make paper cranes, and she would often give me impromptu tours of her family’s property and show me Lula their cow- who was also pregnant while I was there. Your homestay families are the nicest, most generous people you will ever meet; they really care about you and make the experience so much better.

Viviana and Raymond’s home. Photo by: Christina Nardini, 2018
My bedroom in Viviana and Raymond’s home. Photos by: Christina Nardini, 2018.
My bedroom in Maillett and Sharky’s home. Photos by: Christina Nardini, 2018.
Me (on the left) with my second homestay family (Maillett, Sharky and Liah) and Meghan, another student who stayed with me. Photo by: Meghan Roberts, 2018.


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