Morning class trip to Marvin’s farm.
Photo by: Christina Nardini, 2018.

Like other tropical countries, Costa Rica experiences a wet and dry season.  The dry season generally lasts from December to April, while the wet season is from May to November, with slight variations in different parts of the country.  During the rainy season, the rain is predictable: it is generally sunny in the morning and then rains in the afternoon.  The rain often comes in heavy downpours.





Afternoon view from the Eco campus.
Photo by: Christina Nardini, 2018.

Throughout the year, temperatures tend to be warmer during the day and then cool off at night.  You will likely want a light jacket or sweater for the evening.  Temperatures also tend to be cooler in San José than in San Isidro.  The average temperature in San José is 22-25 ºC.  In San Isidro the average temperature is 26 –29 ºC.  Daylight is consistently between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. throughout the year.


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