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Communities of practice, institutional policies and professional standards are the result of the labour of many individuals over time. This guide is adapted from earlier iterations of  instructional policy manuals as well as public presentations created and implemented by librarians and archivists at York University Libraries, with input by archival technicians, librarian technicians, and undergraduate student assistants who have worked on digitization projects over the past sixteen years. Individuals include: Marcos Armstrong, Andrea Kosavic, Stephanie Power, Anna St.Onge, Nick Ruest, Julia Holland, Ling He, Nick Benko, Kyle Brenders, Andrea Brent, Ryan Bruce, Craig Butosi, Joanna Chojnacka, Cesare Ciraco, Laura Colangelo, David Ding, Morag Hegge, Alana Lebkovich, Prathna Lor, Monika Macieri, David Montgomery, Fauzia Khalid Mughal, nina pinkamaganda, Jessica Silverman, Sean Smith, Sija Tsai, Gerry Turner, Tina Witham, and Veronica Wojnas.


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