2 Making gifs the easy way

The rise of gifs in social media has created a proliferation of user-friendly gif making apps. All three major operating systems have apps that allow you to record your screen and save as a gif in a few easy steps (and all within a single app):

And all of these are far from the only options. I encourage people to experiment so that they can find the tool that suits them best.

Hint: Doing a google search for ‘open source screencast windows’ (or Apple) usually nets a few, good, and — importantly — free applications.

With apps like these you might wonder why I keep my workflow and why I’m bothering to share. I use commandline tools because they allow me to write scripts to automate the process. In turn, this also allows me to easily create batches of gifs.

All tools have their positives and negatives but the best tool is the one that gets the job done.


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