York University Libraries is currently piloting the Pressbook platform as a means of supporting the AIF Project: Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) for Teaching & Learning. Among the outcomes of this pilot is the amassing and creation of onboarding documentation for Pressbooks and library development of expertise with the platform. The training documentation is openly accessible as it is being created. The libraries are happy to offer York community members accounts to engage with the Platform.

The Libraries manage the Pressbooks installation, offer troubleshooting help with the Platform, keep up with upgrades and install plugins as they emerge. It is also possible to arrange a meeting time to consult with a librarian/archivist for additional help with the platform. While the Libraries are unable to help with design customization, the strength of the Pressbooks platform is that it offers a wealth of design options to choose from, and also allows users to explore customizing existing designs.



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