Using Pressbooks

This is what we hope will become a York crowd-sourced community guide to learning how to use Pressbooks. As we work together to learn and make best use of the platform, this guide will be a place where we can share what we’ve learned.  Sections and chapters will likely emerge as shorter notes are expanded and become detailed instructions.

If you can’t find help with what you’re looking for, please add it to the “Questions you or others have about Pressbooks” chapter and someone from the community will take up your cause and add some helpful information to the guide to help you out.

The Digital Scholarship team will begin to flesh out this guide with a very basic onboarding tutorial for Pressbooks, explaining the many features of Pressbooks and how they support open education.

Existing guides

Pressbooks User Guide:

Pressbooks for Higher Education:

Pressbooks 101:

Open Textbook Authoring and Sharing Guide – Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

B.C. Open Textbook Pressbooks Guide


Planning your Pressbook

How to Make and Self-Publish a Book (and Where Pressbooks Fits in)

Support for adapting and Open Textbook

Styling and layout

Style guide example


BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit The goal of the Accessibility Toolkit is to provide the needed resources needed to create a truly open and accessible textbook — one that is free and accessible for all students.



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